You can engage with specific contacts or companies directly from the contact or company page, or on an individual contact or company record. 

Step 1: To engage with an individual contact or company, add a new contact or company or search for the contact or company you'd like to engage with and click to open the record. 

To engage with a group of contacts or companies, search for the contacts or companies, or select a saved group. Check the box above all of the records and confirm your selection. 

Step 2: To engage with a single Contact/Company, click Perform Action on the individual record. To engage with a selected group, click Perform Action on Contacts or Perform Action on Companies.

Step 3: Select the action you would like to perform.

Contact Actions Include: 

Company Actions Include:

Send Email (Contacts Only)

Send Text (Contacts Only)

  • Add the Text Message Body

  • Click Next

  • Click Send Text

Send Survey (Contacts Only)

  • Select a Survey from the drop-down menu

  • Click Next

  • Click Send Survey

  • This will trigger the Survey Request Sequence. Make sure that this is set up before sending a Survey request. 

Start Automation (Contacts Only)

Change Tags

  • Enter Tags to Add and Tags to Remove. Click into the tag field and you'll see the list of stored tags to choose from. Start typing for a quicker search of your previously added tags. New tags will get saved automatically once you save your contact or company record. 

  • Click Next

  • Click Change Tags

Change Field Value

  • Select a specific field value to edit

  • Enter new value

  • Click Next

  • Click Change Field

Export to CSV

  • Click Export to download a CSV file of that contact's or company's information


  • Click Archive to "soft-delete" a record from your account. Records won't ever be fully deleted and can be "revived" via Kizen support if you add that contact or company back in.

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