You can use Kizen forms to capture leads or collect customer data. Forms can be embedded directly on your website, hosted on Kizen, or on your own custom domain.

The first step is to create a form.

Step 1: From your dashboard, click Platform from the main toolbar.

Step 2: Click Forms from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click Create Form to begin building a new form.

Step 4: Choose a Form Template. Each template will pull in your branding for a quick customization of your form.

Step 5: Establish your form's settings on the Settings tab of the form builder.

  • Click into Form Name to edit the name of the form (this is for organizational purposes, no one will see your form name).

  • Choose the Submit Action by selecting "Show Thank You Page" for pages you're building within Kizen, or "Go to URL" for pages built outside of Kizen.

  • Enter the Thank You Page URL, if applicable.

  • Select which users should be notified when a form is submitted and which method(s) should be used for notification.

Step 6: Build your Form and Thank You Page (if applicable) using the Kizen builder on the Build tab.

While designing your form, keep in mind whether you'll be embedding it on a page, or visiting it via a hosted form page. Forms can be built out as full landing pages. 

Throttle between each design by clicking on Form Page or Thank You Page.

Once complete, click Save

Step 7: Build a Form Submission Sequence directly from the Messages tab of your Form

Under Forms, your sequence can be a mixture of both date-specific messages and step messages where timing is set in relation to form submission. For example, you can have a form submission sequence that looks like the following:

  • Text sent immediately upon being added to the sequence

  • Email sent this Monday at 9:00 AM

  • Email sent this Monday at 5:00 PM

Anyone added to the sequence after Monday at 9:00 AM will only receive the text and the 5:00 PM email. Anyone added after 5:00 PM will only receive the text. 

Learn more about building and using Sequences here

Step 8: Set up rules on the Rules tab. 

Rules are used to adjust what fields contacts see, dependent on how they've answered previous questions. 

  • To set up a Rule, click [+] Add Rule. 

  • Set up your "When/Then" statements. You can add multiple "when" conditions for your rules by clicking the [+] sign and choosing whether you'd like to use AND logic, or OR logic. You can choose multiple results if your conditions are met by clicking the [+] sign. 

  • To add multiple rules, click Add Rule. 

  • To delete a Rule, click the red X.

For our example, "Please Enter Your Rewards Number" will not show on the form unless the first field is clicked. 

Once complete, click Save.

On the Publish tab of your form, you'll see the link of your form as a page, as well as the code to embed the form on your site.

Collecting Leads

Collect leads by embedding your form on an existing website. To do so, insert your form code within your HTML code where you would like the form to appear.

You can create simple Name/Email forms or more detailed interest forms for specific products and services. 

Digitizing Forms

Let's say you collect basic information from every customer, whether it be a new patient form, intake form, a consent form, etc. 

You can add these forms to Kizen for customers to fill out online or on-site on your own tablet or computer. 

Simply send your customers to your hosted form page or pull up that page on-site. 

Important Things To Remember:

  • Make sure to add a required Email Address and/or Phone Number field so you can communicate with your leads. 

  • When digitizing forms, make sure to add a required Email Address field so information can be associated with the correct contact if they already happen to be in your database. Email addresses are the best way to do this as they are always unique, whereas names aren't. 

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