To begin using Activities, use KIZEN's default Activities types or set up your own first. 

Activities are built as internal forms team members fill out to log specific information about the specific actions they take on a regular basis. 

Logged Activities will always be associated with a Contact, Company or Deal. For our example, we'll associate with a Contact, but the same instructions can be followed on a Company or Deal record as well. 

Data Trickle: Any Activity associated with a Contact will trickle up to their Company Timeline as well. If the Contact or Company is associated with any Deals on a Pipeline, the Activity will also show up on the Deal Timeline. 

Contact or company fields included in your Activity will be updated automatically upon submission of that Activity. If you log your Activity on a Contact that is an employee of a Company, that Company's fields will also be updated.

There are a few ways to Log Activities: 

  • Log directly on the Contact record

  • From the Main Log Activity page

  • Completing a Scheduled Activity

Log Directly on the Contact Record

Since data will trickle from Contact to Company to Deal, we always recommend logging Activities on Contacts so you can access the right information across the platform. 

Step 1: Open the Contact record. 

Step 2: From the Action Block, click Log Activity and select the right Activity.

Step 3: Fill out the required information and click Save.

You'll now see your logged Activity on the Activity Stream as well as on the associated Deal and/or Company.

You'll also see on the timeline any fields you've updated and any Automations triggered by that Activity or field update. 

Log an Activity from the Log Activity Page

Step 1: Click Platform from your Dashboard. 

Step 2: Click Activities from the drop down menu. 

Step 3: Click the Log Activity Page. The Log Activity Page will be located at:{the subdomain set up in your Business settings} 

Here you'll see a list of your Activity Types

Step 4: Click the Activity Type you'd like to log and follow the instructions above. 

Complete a Scheduled Activity

Step 1: To complete a scheduled Activity, click Platform from your Dashboard. 

Step 2: Click Activities from the drop down menu. 

Step 3: Click complete next to the Activity you want to log and fill out the Activity as we did above.

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