In KIZEN, you can archive contacts and companies, which acts as a "soft-deletion".

Once you archive someone they're no longer viewable, but all of their information and data will remain in the system, including their unique email address. 

In the case that they're added, opt into a form again, take a survey, or RSVP to an event, their archived contact record with all of their old data will re-appear and be updated with the new information.

Once archived, contacts will not be counted in your total contact number and will not receive any mailings.

To archive contacts, you can do so via the Perform Action function.

Step 1: To archive an individual contact or company, search for the contact or company you'd like to engage with and click to open the record. Click Perform Action.

To archive a group of contacts or companies, search for the contacts or companies, or select a saved group. Check the box above all of the records and choose who you'd like to archive. 

You can select between:

  • Your current search (any contact who applies to your current filters)

  • The page of contacts you're on only

  • The current contact group you have selected (this will default to All Contacts; make sure not to click this unless you want to archive all of the contacts in your KIZEN database)

Step 2: Click Archive Contact or Archive Company and your record will be archived.

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