We understand that some conversations are confidential and should be kept private, while others you'd like to track and keep in KIZEN for centralized data on leads and customers.

As a reminder, emails will only show up in KIZEN if your inbox is synced and the other email address(es) on the email is a contact within KIZEN. Once a person is added to KIZEN, all past emails with them from your synced email address will show up. 

One way to ensure no one is able to see your communication with someone is to remove that person as a contact from KIZEN.

If you want them as a contact, we have additional options for blocking certain emails.

Block Internal Communication: You can block all emails from syncing where the sender and all recipients have email addresses including your domain. 

Blacklist Specific Email Addresses: You can block specific email addresses from syncing completely. 

If you'd like to block internal communication or blacklist a specific contact from syncing, then email us at support@kizen.com and we will set this up for you.

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