Keeping your database up to date with accurate information by bulk updating Contacts and Companies can be completed within seconds and in a couple of ways. 

  1. If you can easily identify the group in KIZEN using a filter, use the Perform Action function

  2. If email addresses are the only way to identify who to update, update from a .csv file

Updating a Group Using the Perform Action Function

Best used when: If the group you'd like to update can be easily identified within KIZEN (i.e. All Contacts, a previously created Contact group, or anyone with a specific tag).

Step 1: To update fields or add or remove tags on a group, filter down to the appropriate Contacts or select a saved group

Step 2: Check the box above all of the records and confirm your selection. 

Step 3: Select Change Field Value or Change Tags.

To change Tags:

  • Enter Tags to Add and Tags to Remove. Click into the tag field and you'll see the list of stored tags to choose from. Start typing for a quicker search of your previously added tags. New tags will get saved automatically once you save your contact or company record. 

  • Click Next

  • Click Change Tags

Change Field Value:

  • Select specific field value to edit

  • Enter new value

  • Click Next

  • Click Change Field

Update Contacts in Bulk From a .csv File

Best used when: Email addresses are the only way to identify who you'd like to update.

You can update your Contact and Company records by following our bulk upload process

For Contacts, we use email addresses as the unique identifier that chooses which Contact to update. For Companies, we use Company name as the unique identifier.

When you upload a batch of Contacts or Companies, we'll create new records where appropriate and update records that are already in the system. Once a record is found in the system, all new information will be added to that record upon upload.

Note: If a field is mapped and values are blank, we will consider this "new information" and any values in KIZEN will be overridden by the blank value. In order to avoid this, delete any column you do not want updated.

As a best practice, when matching your .csv file fields to your KIZEN fields, only map the fields the you wish to update. Set the others to "Don't Upload". 

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