From the Message Library, you can access all stats for all messages and templates. 

Step 1: To access the Message Library directly, click Platform.

Step 2: Click Library

Here you'll see all Messages organized by the following:

To look at Template stats: Click the Template tab. Click Stats next to the specific template to access the aggregate stats for that template and to see individual stats for every instance of that Template

Total Interaction Over Time shows a graph of all interactions across all instances of that template.

All Emails shows the subject line, send time, and status of all individual sends by contact.

Campaigns show data for each Campaign instance of the Template. Here you can see the Subject Line, Campaign Type (i.e. Marketing Calendar or Broadcast), Time Sent, and the # Sent, Delivered, Opened, and Clicked data by Campaign instance. 

Individual message stats: Click the Broadcasts, Sequences, Automations, Surveys, or Forms tab depending on the message stats you'd like to see. Click Stats next to the specific message to access the individual stats of that message.

The stats will appear exactly like the template stats without the Campaign data.

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