From the Message Library, you can create and organize templates to be available when you send or schedule a message anywhere within Kizen.

Step 1: To access the Message Library directly, click Platform.

Step 2: Click Library

To create or organize your templates, click the Templates tab from the Message Library.

In your "Templates" folder, you'll see your pre-loaded Kizen templates. 

These email templates are available when creating a new email from anywhere within Kizen or when creating a new template. When selected, Kizen templates will bring in your logo and brand color to speed up the design process.

To create a new template, click New Email from the Templates tab

You can decide between choosing a Kizen template as a base, or you can build your own template from a blank email. From there, design your email template using the Kizen builder, and click Save.

To organize your Templates using folders, click New Folder from the Templates tab. 

Name your folder and click OK

To save Templates in that folder, click create New Email while you're within that folder. 

To move Templates into folders, click the edit button next to the Template, select the appropriate folder, and click Save.

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