In KIZEN, your database is organized by Contacts and Companies. 

Simply put, the people you work with are organized under Contacts, while the companies you work with are organized under Companies. Contacts can easily be associated with the Company they work for for accurate data flow.

From this overarching organization, you can easily sort by leads, accounts, and customers. 

Each Contact and Company record will provide you with a complete view of important data and ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page. 

Records are made up of three key areas:

  1. The Timeline

  2. The Information Block

  3. The Action Block

The Timeline

The Timeline shows the entire history of a Contact or Company chronologically, with the most recent activity on the top. 

On the timeline you will see:

  • Field updates

  • Tag updates

  • Automations triggered

  • Texts received and delivered

  • Emails delivered, opened, and clicked

  • Attachments opened

  • Sequences triggered

  • Form and Survey submissions

  • Events invited and responded to

  • Tracked links visited

See all history in the right place: On the Timeline, data trickles up from Contacts to the Companies they're associated with

For example, if an Activity is logged on an employee, you will see that Activity on the employee's timeline, as well as the Company's timeline in which they're associated.

See what you want to see: The Timeline can be easily filtered to see the information you're looking for.

Collaborate easier than before: You have the ability to tag your Team Members and comment on specific activity on the Timeline.

The Information Block

The main Contact and Company information as well as any Custom Fields are located on the left side of the record.

Here, you're able to edit fields or tags, update your address book, see the latest Team Member interaction, and see scheduled Activities at a glance.

Click the down arrow to select the main info tab or to choose the custom field category you want to view or edit. Click the left and right arrows to scroll through the various custom field categories you've set. 

The Action Block

Every Contact record contains an action block that will allow you to quickly engage with that person. 

From the action block you can:

More Insight on the Contact Record

On the contact record you have tabs to receive further insight regarding that contact's engagement with your messages, events, and products or services. 


On the Messages tab, you can see that contact's overall engagement with your emails, including how many emails they've Received, Opened, and Clicked. 

You can also see how many Automations they're been added to and whether they're Active or Completed. You can also pause any active Automations for that individual Contact. 

Lastly, you can see a full list of emails and texts they've been sent and the status of each message: Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Opened Attachment, or Bounced.


On the Events tab, you can see each past and future event that contact was invited to and whether their invitation is Pending, Accepted, or Declined.


On the Commerce tab, you can see, edit, or add Credit Cards and Bank Accounts on file for that Contact. 

You can also see the complete Order History and the status of each order.

You may also created an order directly from the contact record by clicking + Create Order for Contact.

More Insight on the Company Record

The company record also showcases specific information related to individual companies.

Associated Contacts

On the Overview tab, under Associated Contacts, you can see any contacts that are currently associated with that company.


The company record also has a Commerce tab where you can see a company's engagement with your products and/or services.

On this tab you can see the complete Order History and the status of each order per contact. 

You may also create an order directly from the company record by clicking + Create Order for Company and selecting the specific contact to place that order under. 

All orders under companies must be associated with an individual, so make sure a contact is associated with that company prior to placing an order with that company. 

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