In Kizen, you can easily filter Contacts and create groups so you can:

  • Send relevant sales, marketing, or service campaigns

  • Quickly reference who has taken (or not taken) a specific action

  • Follow up with those who need it

  • Easily manage your database, update fields, or add tags

Once a Contact group is created, the group will dynamically update as Contacts fit the criteria of the group. 

Set Your Criteria

Step 1: From the Contact main page, click the filter icon to open up the search bar. 

Step 1: Once the search bar is open, click the plus sign [+] next to the filter type to open up the use of that filter. 

Step 2: Click Add Filter and set your criteria. 

You can add multiple Filters within each filter type. To do so, click Add Filter again.

For Tags and Fields Filter types, you can add multiple criteria within each Filter as well. To do so, click the plus sign [+] next to the field. Click the [x] next to the field to remove that criteria.

A note on AND vs OR logic:

  • AND means contacts or companies will need to meet all of the criteria that has been set. 

  • OR means contacts or companies will need to meet at least one or the other criteria.

Setting multiple Filters across types will use AND logic.
Setting multiple Filters within a filter type will use AND logic.
Adding multiple criteria within a Filter will use OR logic.

Repeat across filter types and filters until all of your search criteria has been set. 

Step 3: Click Find Contacts to apply the filters you've set. 

Create Your Group

Step 1: After setting your search filters above, click Create Group. Name your group, and click OK.

To access your group, click Contacts or Companies, then click the down arrow to choose your group. 

Edit, Rename, or Delete Your Groups

To update your groups, pull up the group you'd like to edit. 

You can Rename or Delete your group by clicking on the respective buttons at the bottom of the filter types. 

To edit the criteria of your group, make the necessary adjustments to the filters, and click Save Group.

There is no need to refresh your group as groups will update dynamically as Contacts meet the criteria set.

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