You can merge in contact fields, associated company fields, and team member information to your email and text messages sent to your contacts. This gives you a significant opportunity to personalize and customize your communication.

You can also merge in these fields or link directly to the contact record within your team member notification emails and text messages for easy access to important information. 

To pull in a field's value, simply type in the following codes or select them from the merge code drop-down field in the text editor and they will be replaced by the individual contact's field value. 

Contact Field Merge Codes

First Name: {{ contact.first_name }}
Last Name: {{ contact.last_name }}
Full Name: {{ contact.full_name }}
Email: {{ }}
Home Phone: {{ contact.home_phone }}
Business Phone: {{ contact.business_phone }}
Mobile Phone: {{ contact.mobile_phone }}
Company Name: {{ }}
Birthday: {{ contact.birthday }}
Timezone: {{ contact.timezone }}
Link Directly to the Contact Record: {{ contact.record_url }}

All contact custom fields will also be available as merge fields as well. Contact custom field merge codes will each have the same structure:

Contact Custom Fields: {{ contact.custom.[unique handle of that field] }}

To get the handle of your custom field, go into your custom field settings, click the pencil on that custom field, and you can see or change the handle. 

Company Field Merge Codes

You can also pull in merge codes of the company associated with the contact you're messaging. 

All company custom fields will be available and will have the same structure:

Contact Custom Fields: {{[unique handle of that field] }}

To get the handle of your company custom field, you will follow the same process as contact custom fields above. 

Team Member Merge Codes

For emails, you can pull in the information of the team member the email is being sent from:

First name: {{ team_member.first_name }}
Last name: {{ team_member.last_name }}
Full name: {{ team_member.full_name }}
Email: {{ }}
Title: {{ team_member.title }}
Phone: {{ }}
Mobile Phone: {{ team_member.mobile_phone }}
Signature: {{ team_member.signature }}

You and your team members can set or edit the above information under your Account Settings, by clicking Update Profile.

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