All emails sent and scheduled in your Kizen account can be found in the Library

From the Library you'll be able to access, create, and organize email templates; access or edit messages that have been created from anywhere across the platform; and/or access all message stats in one place. 

You can access the Message Library directly when you're searching or filtering via Messages, when triggering Automations, or when you're setting up a new email to send.

Step 1: To access the Message Library directly, click Platform.

Step 2: Click Library

Here you'll see all Messages organized by the following:

The Message Library gives you the opportunity to edit all of your scheduled messages in one central location. 

Click the subject line of the email to edit the subject line or email body. Click Save.

You can even add and edit messages within your Survey or Form sequences from the Message Library

Any changes made from the Message Library will be reflected across the Kizen platform.

If you're not seeing your email in the Library, it is most likely because you sent the email via Perform Action in the Contacts function.

In this case, you will have to select Save new email in library to save it. Since some users might send a lot of emails this way, the Kizen platform aims to make sure your library doesn't get clogged up.

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