If your survey request isn't sending, it's likely that your Survey Request Sequence isn't fully set up. This is the sequence that will be triggered upon sending a survey request to an individual contact or group of contacts via the Perform Action function or within an Automation

If no emails are published within this sequence, your invitee won't receive anything. 

First, choose a survey by selecting Platform, then Surveys.

To build this sequence, go to the Messages tab of your Survey

Use the {{ single_question_survey_text }} merge code to request a response via text. Any numerical text responses will be tracked as a response from that contact. 

Add the Take Survey Button or embed the Single Question Survey into your email messages by clicking the Survey category of the content builder. Note: Selecting the Take Survey Button allows you to skip over the Email Request part of the Survey, which will allow for Progressive Profiling.

If you have multiple questions on your survey, the Single Question Survey button (for email messages) and merge code (for text messages) will automatically pull the first question of your survey. 

Once the survey is completed, the contact will be removed from any further messages in this sequence.

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