Tracking user behavior is important to ensure engagement, to understand which users achieve important milestones, and to identify users who may need a nudge.

If you have a web application and you know the email address of your users then you can use our code to automatically populate your contact database and view your contact's visits.

Once Kizen's tracking pixel is installed on your Web App, you will be able to utilize that code to access first-party data on your users.

You should always URI encode your parameter values just in case there are any characters such as a space that would require encoding.

Here's how to install these pixels to ensure you are able to start tracking right away:

Step 1: To grab your tracking code, click Account.

Step 2: Click Settings.

Step 3: Click Site Tracking

Step 4: Grab the code under Advanced Integrations for Applications.

Step 5: Install the code in your Web App headers.

Now that you've installed your code, any user which has an email address identifier in your Web App database will report back to Kizen for each impression and click in your Web App.

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