When designing forms, surveys, pages, and messages within Kizen, you'll be using the Kizen builder. 

The structure of the builder includes Sections, Rows, Columns, and Elements

The hierarchy goes as follows: Rows are located within Sections, Columns are located within Rows, and Elements are located within Columns or Rows

Sections, Row, and Columns can be a variety of widths and colors to build out dynamic and appealing designs. 

Sections, Rows, and Columns allow you to set the overarching structure, format, and design, while Elements make up the main content and fields of that form, survey, page, or email.

The various Elements you can include on your form, survey, page, or email, are located under the following categories within the content builder on the left:

  • Company Fields (Form or Survey Only)

  • Contact Fields (Form or Survey Only)

  • Form Fields (Forms Only)

  • Commerce (Form or Survey Only)

  • Attachments (Email Only)

  • Text

  • Images

  • Dividers

  • Countdowns

  • Buttons

  • Social

  • HTML

To access the content builder, click "Add Content."

Depending on what you're designing (a form, survey, page, or message), you'll see a different category list under the content builder.

Scroll over a category to see what is available to add to your design.

To add content, drag fields to the preferred Section, Row, and Column of your page.

To edit a Section, Row, Column, or Element, click onto that field and the appropriate content editor will open up within the left menu.

To build and design your forms, surveys, pages, or emails, follow the steps below: 

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