With KIZEN's dashboards you can get actionable insights fast, and develop clarity and transparency in every aspect of your organization's operations.

Your customized dashboards will update in real-time so your team can make decisions quickly and efficiently. 

Adding Dashboards

Upon logging in, you'll land on your Overview Dashboard. To navigate back to Dashboards from anywhere else in the app, click Dashboard on the main menu. 

To create a new Dashboard, click Edit Dashboards, then Add Dashboard.

Here you can also rename, delete, or re-order your Dashboards.

To access your Dashboards, click the down arrow in the top left corner of the screen. 

Customizing Your Dashboards With Dashlets

Dashboards are made of Dashlets. Dashlets give you the opportunity to showcase your data in a way that's most actionable.

You can create a Dashlet using data from Surveys, Forms, Activities, Commerce, and Pipelines. 

For Survey, Form, and Activity reports you can create Dashlets to show:

  • # of Submits

  • Specific field values

For Commerce reports, you can create Dashlets to show:

  • # of Orders

  • Sales amounts

The above data can be presented as a average, daily, weekly, or monthly trend line or as a donut graph.

For Pipeline reports, you can create Dashlets to show: 

  • Pipeline Growth

  • Stage Velocity

  • Pipeline Overview, by stage

To create a Dashlet, click Add Dashlet

Name your Dashlet, and select the appropriate report types, metrics, and format of what data you'd like to see. 

Click Save.

Edit the layout of your Dashboards by dragging and dropping Dashlets. 

To edit or delete a Dashlet, click the pencil or x symbol in the top right corner of your Dashlet. 

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