You can add, edit, delete, or merge Contact Tags, Company Tags, and Contact Titles in our Tag Manager.  

To access the Tag Manager:

Step 1: Click Account. 

Step 2: Click Settings.

Step 3: Choose Tag Manager.

From here, you'll see a list of all of your Tags and Titles. 

Adding a Tag or Title

To add a Tag or Title, click Add Contact Tag, Add Company Tag, or Add Contact Title. Type in your new Tag or Title and click Save

Renaming a Tag or Title

To rename a Tag or Title, click Edit. Rename your tag, then click Save

All instances of that Tag or Title will update accordingly.

Deleting a Tag or Title

To delete a Tag or Title, click Delete and confirm your deletion. 

After doing so any instance of that Tag or Title will be removed from your Contacts or Companies. 

Replacing, or Merging, a Tag or Title

Sometimes you may want to replace Tags or Titles. Let's say some Contacts have the Title Chief Executive Officer while others have CEO. To ensure all Contacts have one cohesive tag for accurate filtering, we can use the Replace function.

Let's say you want all CEOs to be labelled as CEO, instead of Chief Executive Officer.

To do so, you'd click Replace next to Chief Executive Officer, or the Tag/Title you'd like to replace. 

You will then be prompted to select which Tag/Title you'd like to replace Chief Executive Officer with. You'll have the option to select from all current Tags/Titles. 

Click into the Tag field, start typing to pull up the correct Tag, select the Tag, then click Replace

From here, to use our example, Chief Executive Officer will be removed from all Contacts and replaced with CEO.

Note: Replacing Tags or Titles will not delete them. Also, all Automations triggered by the Tag that you're replacing the original Tag with will not be triggered. 

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