KIZEN makes collaboration easy with the ability to tag your team members and comment on various interactions throughout the app. 

Tagging Your Team Members When Logging Activities

Automatically, all new Activities Types will have a dynamic Notes field added. 

When logging an Activity, you can tag Team Members within this Notes field to ensure the right person is made aware of the right information. Tagged Team Members will receive a notification email of the entire Activity's contents. 

To tag a Team Member when logging an Activity, type the plus sign (+) and start typing their email address. 

Select the right Team Member and they're tagged.

Commenting and Collaborating With Team Members

You also have the opportunity to comment and collaborate with team members under each interaction on a Contact's Timeline, a Deal's timeline, as well as on the main Activity Stream of your organization. 

You'll see chat icons next to each type of Contact engagement, whether it be after an Activity has been logged, an email has been sent, opened, or clicked, an Automation has begun, etc. 

To comment on a specific engagement, click the chat icon, add your comment, and click Submit. 

To notify a specific Team Member of your comment, tag them by typing the plus sign, typing their email address, and selecting the Team Member.

They'll then receive a notification email about the comment. 

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