Text Messaging Operational Notifications

There are likely times when you want to ensure you notify your team of important information about one of your Contacts. 

Whether you want to make sure you have gathered all information for a client's on boarding, or you want to tell your sales team that a certain person needs follow up, you can utilize team member notifications in a number of ways. 

  • Select which team member to notify via email or text when any trigger takes place or goal is achieved

  • You may also set static notifications to go out to your team members when any form or survey is submitted. These notification settings can be set on the form and survey build tabs.

  • Build notification emails and texts into your Automations.

Using notification emails and texts in your Automations gives you a great opportunity to be incredibly specific to your team.

Did this contact open an attachment within 24 hours? (Hot lead! Let's call them right away.)

Did this contact not send back their form to finalize their onboarding, even though we've reminded them three times? (Maybe they need help. Let's reach out and see if they need personalize support.)

To use Automations to notify your team, add an Action step after any triggers/goals/conditions and choose:

  • Notify team member via email

  • Notify team member via text message

Within your emails and texts, you can merge in important client information and even link to the appropriate contact record. To do so, simply select the merge code from the merge code drop down field in the text editor. For more information on merging information, click here.  

Now that you can notify your team members when operational triggers take place, you'll be able to break down the silo's between teams and streamline your team's day-to-day!

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