In KIZEN, the people you work with are organized under Contacts and the companies you work with are organized under Companies.

All interactions with a specific Contact will show up on their timeline. 

All interactions with a specific Company, including all individual interactions with employees of that Company, will be located on that Company record's timeline. 

To ensure interactions with employees show up on the Company timeline, simply add the Company name in the Company field on the employee's Contact record. 

From there, KIZEN will trickle up all information from that Contact to that Company. 

If you are using Pipelines to track a deal with a potential customer, you can link the Deal with the individual Contacts or Companies involved in the deal. Information will trickle up from the Contacts to the associated Company to the Deal in your Pipeline.

Note: If a Contact moves to another Company, interactions will only trickle up to the Company they were associated with when the interaction took place.


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