There are two ways to send a quick, one-off email to a contact or group of contacts:

  • From the Action Block on the Contact record

  • Via the Perform Action button

Sending an Email From the Action Block

Best used when: You want to send a quick, plain-text email from your personal email address. 

Using the Action Block is exactly like using your everyday email inbox to send an email, with the ease and convenience of being able to send from Kizen. 

Email sent from the Action Block sends from your personal Gmail or Outlook account that you have integrated. To send from the Action block, first make sure your integration is set up

From the Contact record Action Block:

  • Click Email

  • Select from the email addresses you have integrated as the Send "From"

  • Write your email subject and body text. You can also quickly insert merge fields for an extra layer of personalization.

  • Click Send

Action block emails will populate on your timeline exactly as your integrated emails do. 

Sending Email From the Perform Action Function

Best used when: You want to send an email that includes design, HTML elements, and more detailed tracking to a contact or contact group. 

When using the Perform Action function, you can send email from any one of your Team Members (users on your account). You can also include images, attachments, custom HTML, and graphic design.

From an individual Contact record, or from the main Contact page:

Perform Action emails will populate on your Contacts' timeline with tracking of delivery, opens, clicks, and attachments.

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