Text marketing is incredibly simple in Kizen

If you have a Contact's mobile phone number, you can text them. 

Your organization's phone number will be automatically generated upon your first text to a contact. Your area code will be dependent on your business address in your account settings. 

To find your mobile number, create a contact for yourself and text message yourself.

This number will be your permanent company texting line.

For Action-Based Automated Texts

Using Automations is best when you want to send texts based on a Contact's behavior. They allow you to "set and forget" your marketing, sales, and support communication based on a specific trigger. Add timing and conditionals to make sure the right people are always receiving appropriate, personalized communication. 

  1. Create an automation in your "Automation" section of your account

  2. Add any applicable trigger

  3. Add any applicable conditions to ensure the right contacts get the right messages

  4. Add an action

  5. Select "Send Text Message"

  6. Write the text you'd like to go out based on the above triggers and conditions

Now that you know how to trigger custom text messages based on contact behaviors, you'll be able to do amazing marketing campaigns on the most effective channel, text message.

To learn more about Automations, click here.

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