Support the Entire Customer Journey on One Platform to Build Deeper, More Valuable Relationships

  • Automate handling of routine services, issues, onboarding, surveys, and relationship building.

  • Utilize rules-based relationship health scoring to detect customers who need attention.

  • Enhance communications with customers to drive excellent customer experience and track key performance indicators through every stage of the customer journey

  • Set alerts when opportunities for proactive intervention or cross-selling occur

How Experience Teams Leverage Kizen

Simplify your day-to-day workflow.

Enjoy having everything your team needs in one place. Automate the tedious, non-strategic work like meeting scheduling, data syncing, onboarding, educational content, and service notifications.

Collaborate effortlessly.

Make it easy for your team to work together with easy access to all of the customer data and through in-app social commenting.

Route tasks with ease.

Deploy rule-based, round-robin, and enterprise-grade task routing to automatically assign tasks to the right team member.

Track customer, project, & task statuses.

See the status of service delivery, projects, and customer issues as well as the complete history of that item and customer at a glance. 

Set proactive, intelligent notifications.

Get notified if something goes wrong or if an opportunity for exceptional service arises.

Utilize health scoring to maximize retention.

Rules-based or AI-based customer health scoring can detect customers who need attention and maximize their retention.

Send Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.

Review aggregate results and review results based on any customer segment, so you can take action from day one.

Maximize positive feedback.

Utilize rules-based or AI-based relationship health scoring to detect happy customers and then automatically request reviews.

Forecast future service needs.

Tap into sales and marketing pipelines to understand and project the service resources you'll need in future quarters.

Automate onboarding and training.

Completely automate repetitive, time-consuming processes so your team can focus on the most important, strategic items.

Intelligently nurture your customers.

Personalize customer follow-up with intelligent triggers and conditions that ensure the right message at the right time.

Keep quiet customers engaged.

Survey customers regularly. Analyze customer behavior and satisfaction across the entire customer journey.

Streamline the data-capture and analysis process.

Request information from customers with forms and surveys instead of phone calls. Track satisfaction insights in real-time. 

Work anywhere.

Access or input key customer data from any device. Kizen gives mobile and remote teams the same functionality as office-based teams.

Create unrivaled customer experiences—automatically.

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