Kizen's dashboards are powerful business intelligence tools. However, there is no "drill-down" button available on dashlets you create.

Instead, you may create a contact group and then set that group as your filter on any given dashboard to see specific metrics, trends, summaries, and other business intelligence dashlets, for that group specifically. This filtering ability allows you to "drill-down" to specific segments and cohorts, with total flexibility and unlimited possibilities.

  1. Go to your Contacts section of your account

  2. Create a contact group following the instructions therein

  3. Go to your "Dashboard" section of your account

  4. Click the dropdown menu on the top right to select another dashboard, or click "Edit Dashboards" if you haven't already created a dashboard

  5. Add any/all dashlets to your new dashboard as you may need

  6. Click the "All Results" drop down to select your new contact group

  7. Enjoy your drilled-down analytics for this group!

Now that you know how to filter dashboards by contact group, you will be able to analyze unlimited segments and campaigns, ensuring you are always in the know.

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