It's important to have dynamic automations which will be cancelled when certain triggers take place.

Use the following method to create a cancellation automation to ensure all your campaigns stop when necessary.

Create a new automation in your "Automations" section of your account:

  1. Make your trigger any trigger you'd like

  2. Add any applicable conditions to ensure only the right contacts have their campaign cancelled

  3. Make your action "Cancel Automation" and/or "Cancel Sequence"

  4. Activate the automation by toggling the "Active" toggle

  5. Save your automation

  6. Please note, you may not "Pause" automations or sequences in this manner. Once it has been cancelled, it must be restarted from the beginning.

Now that you can cancel automations/sequences automatically, you'll be able to ensure that your campaigns and operational automations are dynamic and will not continue when goals are met!

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