You can easily add split testing to your Automations and add Goals to see which path performs best.

Step 1: To add a split test to your Automation, click the plus sign [+] to add a step at the point in which you're ready to introduce the split test. Choose Split Test.

Step 2: Choose the number of branches (A-F) you'd like tested and set the weight for each branch. When a contact reaches the split test step, they will proceed down a single branch chosen at random according to the probability set. To add more branches, click Add Branch.

Step 3: Choose the Goal(s) that you'd like evaluated as contacts continue down each branch.

Step 4: Click Save.

From here, build out your branches as normal.

Click Toggle Stats within your Automation to see how many contacts went through each step and how many contacts met the Goal(s).

Now that you know how to split-test, you'll be able to see which campaigns work best!

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