You can use our bulk uploader to import a previously exported list of Contacts in a matter of seconds.

Note: We'll discuss our example in terms of Contacts, but you can easily replicate the same steps to add Companies. Just start from the Company main page, and follow the same instructions.

Preparing Your .CSV File

To upload a batch of contacts, you'll first need to configure your file so Kizen can put the data where it belongs.

Here are the most important things to keep in mind as you prepare your file:

  • Format: Each row should represent a unique contact, and each column should represent a specific field.

  • Column Headers: Make sure to include column headers/field names, which you will use to map your fields to Kizen. Kizen will auto-map fields with the exact same name.

  • Email Addresses: Email addresses are mandatory when bulk uploading contacts since they're the unique identifier that prevents duplicate records. Records with blank/invalid email addresses will be skipped upon upload.

  • Tags: To add multiple tags, separate them out by commas. New tags will be created and exact matches will populate previously created tags.

  • Fields with Options: Make sure your options match the spelling that's in Kizen. New options must be created in your custom field settings prior to uploading. For checkbox fields, separate out options by commas.

  • Associating Contacts and Companies: If you have a Company field populated in your contact .CSV file, those Companies listed will be created and associated with the appropriate contact record.

Here's an example of the first two rows of a prepared .CSV file:

Uploading Your Contacts

Now that your .CSV is prepared, you're ready to upload your contacts into your Kizen account.

Step 1: Click Contacts from the main toolbar.

Step 2: Click Upload Contacts from the secondary toolbar to begin the upload process.

Step 3: Click Browse Computer to access your saved .CSV file.

Step 4: Select the appropriate file, and click Open.

Step 5: Match the columns from your .CSV to the corresponding fields you wish to update in Kizen by using the drop-down menus. Kizen will auto-map fields that match the column header exactly.

You'll see a preview of the first 5 rows of your .CSV matched up with the fields chosen. Make sure that the correct data is being populated for each field before continuing.

Step 6: Click Next.

Step 7: If there are tags you'd like to add across all contacts in this batch, type them into the Tags to add field, separated by commas.

Step 8: If you have permission to email these contacts, check "I have permission to email these contacts" to opt them into your list. If this isn't checked, all contacts will be automatically opted out of receiving emails.

Step 9: Click Upload Contacts and your contacts will be added.

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