Kizen Surveys allow you to garner feedback from your contacts or customers and use their responses to customize their post-survey experience as well as your team member notifications. You can easily and effectively deepen relationships with happy customers and remedy unsatisfactory experiences as soon as you hear about them.

Creating a Survey

Step 1: From your dashboard, click Platform from the main toolbar.

Step 2: Click Surveys from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click Create Survey to begin building a new survey.

Step 4: Choose a Survey Template to work from.

The Net Promoter Score template is a quick way to begin measuring the willingness of customers to recommend your company's products or services to others.

Step 5: Establish your Survey's settings on the Overview Tab.

Then name your Survey.

Set up Team Notifications by clicking Add Notification.

Select the Team Member(s) to notify, the method of notification, and which response conditions you'd like. You can choose to be notified of All Responses, or Unsatisfied Responses only.

Smart Sort

Smart Sort allows you to group survey respondents into "Satisfied" and "Not Satisfied" categories in order to customize their post-survey experience and team member notifications. By default, all respondents are considered "Satisfied."

You can add conditions that must be met in order for the respondent to be considered "Satisfied." To add a condition, click Add Condition. You can add conditions for each question on your survey.

To be considered "Satisfied," all conditions need to be met. When one condition isn't met, the response is considered "Unsatisfied."

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode should be used when displaying your survey on a tablet or screen on-site. Kiosk Mode means that after 30 seconds of inactivity, the screen will go back to the Client Info page in order to be ready for the next customer.

Click the checkbox to toggle Kiosk Mode on and off.

Click Save before navigating to another tab.

Step 6: Build your survey pages using the Kizen builder on the Build tab. Your logo and brand color will be brought in so that you can quickly and efficiently set up a beautiful survey experience.

Survey pages are split out into the following pages and you can toggle between their design by clicking on the page name. Click Save before navigating from tab to tab:

Client Info

This collects the client's basic information so they can be added to your Kizen account. If you're sending your Survey directly to a contact, they will go straight to the Take Survey page and their response will automatically be attached to their contact record.

Take Survey

This will include your main Survey questions. You have the option under your rating questions to choose a range of 1-5 or 1-10. Make sure that your Smart Sort conditions match the rating range you choose.

Thank You - Satisfied

This is the page respondents land on when responding as "Satisfied" based on your Smart Sort conditions. If you don't have any conditions, all respondents will land on this page.

Thank You - Unsatisfied

This is the page respondents land on when responding as "Unsatisfied" based on your Smart Sort conditions.

Step 7: Set up rules on the Rules tab. Rules are used to adjust what fields contacts see, dependent on how they've answered previous questions.

  • To set up a Rule, click Add Rule.

  • Set up your "When/Then" statements. You can add multiple "when" conditions for your rules by clicking the [+] sign and choosing whether you'd like to use AND logic, or OR logic. You can choose multiple results if your conditions are met by clicking the [+] sign.

  • To add multiple rules, click Add Rule.

  • To delete a Rule, click the red X.

Click Save before navigating to another tab.

Set Up Survey Message Sequences

You can build sequences directly from the Messages tab of your Survey that can include both date-specific messages and step messages dependent on when a contact was added to the sequence.

The following triggers are built into the Survey experience:

Survey Request

This sequence will be triggered upon sending a survey request to an individual contact or group of contacts via the Perform Action function or within an Automation.

Note: Make sure this is set up before requesting a survey response. If no emails are set up within this sequence, your invitee won't receive anything.

Use the {{ single_question_survey_text }} merge code to request a response via text. Any numerical text responses will be tracked as a response from that contact.

Add the Take Survey Button or embed the Single Question Survey into your email messages by clicking the Survey category of the content builder.

If you have multiple questions on your survey, the Single Question Survey button (for email messages) and merge code (for text messages) will automatically pull the first question of your survey.

Once the contact takes the survey, the contact will be removed from any further messages in this sequence.


This sequence will be triggered once a contact responds to a survey as "Satisfied." Here's where you can encourage an online review and build your relationship with your happiest customers.


This sequence will be triggered once a contact responds to this survey as "Unsatisfied." Here's where you can remedy what was unsatisfactory and use this as an opportunity to offer incredible customer service.

Learn more about building and using Sequences here.

Sharing Your Survey

Send individual contacts or groups of contacts your survey via the Perform Action feature. They'll be able to easily respond to your survey and their responses will be connected to their contact record.

Click View Survey to open up your survey. Send this link to customers who might not be in your Kizen account yet, or use it to open up your survey on a tablet at your business location.

To set up a custom domain for all of your surveys, click here.

Seeing Your Survey Responses

On the Responses tab, you'll be able to see a summary of your survey responses, the percentage of contacts who answered each question, and a list of contacts who submitted the survey.


If your Survey is in relation to a specific Team Member performance, you'll be able to filter your Responses page by Team Member.

You can also filter based on a submission date.


To export your filtered survey responses, click Export Responses.

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