Affiliate Programs Overview

You may build your own Affiliate Programs to help your affiliates do great work, track their progress and track commissions and payments. Let's dig in and learn more about Affiliate Programs.

First, head over to your Affiliates section of your platform. You will see all of the previously built affiliate programs and the dates created here. You may edit any previously created programs here. Next, click "Create Program" and name your Affiliate Program.

Now that you've created your affiliate program, you can view all the current affiliates for that program, see all tracked sales, unpaid commissions, total commissions, last commission, add new affiliates, set-up your program settings, create affiliate links, and view the login/registration page for your affiliates to manage their work.

Add Affiliate: You may add affiliates by clicking on the "Add Affiliate" button. Please note, you may only add previously existing contacts in your Kizen Contacts section of your account.

Perform Actions: Once an affiliate has been added to the program, you can select one or more affiliates by checking the box next to their name(s). Once the box is checked, you may click on the "Perform Action" button to either export your affiliate table to CSV or marking unpaid commissions as "Paid".

Program Settings: You may edit your Affiliate Program settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top-right hand corner of your interface, as seen above. Once clicked, you will be able to edit the program name, add commissionable products to the program, set commission rates for each product, and add affiliate links for your affiliates to use when making sales.

Once a product and link has been added, your affiliates will be able to access those resources in their own individual Affiliate Center interface.

Affiliate Center: You may access the live registration/login page for your Affiliate Program by clicking on the "Eye" icon on the top-right hand corner of your Affiliate Program interface, as seen above. Affiliates can register and login here, and as long as their email addresses match the Affiliates you have added to your program, they will have access to all of the affiliate programs, products, and affiliate links to have created in their own Affiliate Center interface.

When sales are completed on pages from Affiliate links, those sales will be reported, and depending on which product(s) have sold, commissions will be calculated based on the product settings set in your Affiliate Program Settings as seen above.

Now that you've learned about Affiliate Programs you will be able to recruit a team of amazing affiliates to help your company sell your products, while being able to help those affiliates make generous commissions! If you have any further questions regarding the Affiliate Program feature, feel free to reach out to our support team!

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