Discounts Overview

Kizen's Discounts feature will allow you to generate discount codes to be used on any product you wish. Discount codes may be set to only apply when products or product categories are selected, when order totals are greater than a certain threshold, and can be set to percentage based, $ based, shipping, and/or tax based discounts.

First, head over to your Discounts section of your platform. Then click "Add Coupon".

Next, either randomly generate or type in your own discount code and select the options for customization.

You may set your discount code to the following settings:

  1. Currency based discounts

  2. Percentage based discounts

  3. Free Shipping based discounts

  4. No Tax based discounts

Additionally, you may apply these types of discounts only in certain situations such as:

  1. Only when order total is above a certain threshold

  2. Only when the discount code is applied to certain products or products within certain categories

  3. Only when a certain order quantity or weight has been satisfied

Please note, at this time, discounts may only be applied on Orders (invoices)

Now that you've learned all about Kizen Discounts, you will be able to offer your clients better deals when the time is right. Give your sales team members access to all of the discounts they may use to help them get more deals across the finish line. If you have any further questions regarding the Discount Codes feature, feel free to reach out to our support team!

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