Orders Overview

Kizen's Order feature will allow you to issue invoices, collect payment, and keep track of all of your outstanding invoices, payments, realized revenue, and subscriptions.

First, head over to your Orders section of your platform. You will be able to view a table with all previously issued orders, order numbers, contacts, status, order value, number of payments, and last payment for each order.

To issue a new invoice, click "Create Order":

Once you've clicked "Create Order" you will be brought to an interface which will allow you to customize an invoice before issuing the order.

On this interface you will be able to customize the following settings:

  1. Invoice For: Choose a contact to issue this invoice for.

  2. Issue Date: The date you issued the invoice. You may back-date or future-date this for accounting purposes.

  3. Due Date: Set your payment policy for this order.

  4. Payment Gateway: Choose which payment gateway the payment will go through. If you have not yet set-up your payment gateway, visit our Payment Gateway settings page to connect with one of our compatible gateways.

  5. Enable Payment Methods: You may also toggle on/off the ability for clients to pay your invoice with Credit Cards and/or E-check (Bank Account ACH).

  6. Notes: You may write out any notes regarding the invoice. This field will populate on the bottom of the invoice after it is issued. For example, you may wish to put contractual data in this field.

  7. Add A Product: You may choose any one or more products from your product book. If you haven't created any products yet, visit our Products article to learn more.

  8. Discounts: You may enter and apply discount codes here. If you haven't learned about discount codes yet, visit our Discount Codes article to learn more.

Once you've customized your invoice, press the "Save Order" button. This will redirect you to an invoice management interface. Here, you will be able to take the following actions on your invoice:

  1. View Invoice: This will bring you to a hosted, live version of the invoice. The invoice will be payable directly online, similar to an order form. This invoice will automatically be hosted on your sub-domain. If you wish to use a custom sub-domain for invoices, visit our Custom Domains article to learn more.

  2. View Invoice as PDF: This will bring you to a PDF version of your invoice. You may use this to send hard-copy invoices or to attach to an email, if your client does not wish to pay through a payment gateway.

  3. Send Invoice: Clicking this will trigger Kizen to send your invoice via the Invoice Notification email template set-up in your Commerce Notifications section of your account.

  4. Make Payment: Clicking this will redirect you to a payment portal where you will be able to manually enter payment details on behalf of the customer. If your client likes to make payments over the phone, or you just need to run a new order on a pre-existing customer, you will be able to use this feature to quickly get orders complete.

  5. Mark as Paid: Clicking this will satisfy the invoice and add the revenue from the invoice to your database. This is useful when a customer pays with a different method than Credit Card or E-check, such as bank-wire, hard-copy check, or cash.

Once an invoice has been issued or paid, all invoices, both paid and outstanding will be available in the "Commerce" tab of the contact and company records. In the contact and/or company record, you will be able to view all orders, manage credit cards and bank accounts on file, and even change payment dates or cancel existing subscription or payment plan orders.

You may change the next payment date, edit the next payment amount, or cancel an order by clicking into the order and clicking edit next to the line item, then check the "cancelled" box.

Finally, for a previously paid order, you may refund any single payment, or even partial amounts from any payment.

Now that you've learned about orders and invoices, you'll be able to manage all of your client's payments and get fantastic analytics on which customers are your most valuable, which channels lead to the most revenue, and more! If you have any further questions regarding the Orders feature, feel free to reach out to our support team!

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