Order Forms Overview

With Kizen you may build your own order forms to offer your products or services on the web, right from your own sub-domain!

First, click on Platform and then click "Order Forms". Next, you will be redirected to the Order Forms Overview page where you will be able to see, edit, and/or delete all previously created Order Forms.

Next, click on "Create Order Form". At this time there is one template to choose from.

Once you've clicked "Create Order Form" you will be redirected to the Order Form Builder.

Order Form Builder

Your order form builder is made up of numerous parts.

  1. Element Editor: On the left side of your editor, you will see the element editor. Click and select any of these elements, and drag them on to your order form for design purposes.

  2. Page Selector: On the top left there is a dropdown menu. Here you will be able to select which page you wish to edit, either the "Form Page" or the "Thank You Page".

  3. Build/Publish: The Build tab allows you to build your Order Form while the Publish tab gives you the information necessary to embed your order form on the web, or to drive traffic to your order form as a standalone page.

  4. Settings Gear: In the top-right hand side of your editor, you will see a gear icon. This will allow you to edit your order form settings. When clicked, a modal will pop-up and allow you to add one or more products to your order form. For each product, you will be able to toggle the settings as seen below. All of your product's settings will be transferred to the order form, such as quantity, options, variants, and payment plans. If you have not created or learned about products yet, please visit our Product Builder article to learn more.

  5. Eye Icon: Located in the top-right hand side of your builder, you will be able to click this icon to view the live, sub-domain hosted version of your saved order form for testing and publishing.

  6. Mobile View Selectors: Located in the top-right hand side of your builder, you may select 3 different views to edit your form on, Desktop/Laptop, iPad, and mobile.

Now that your order form is all set-up, you can publish it and start making sales! If you have any further questions regarding the Order Forms feature, feel free to reach out to our support team!

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