In just a few seconds, you can manually add a contact or company record to your Kizen account. 

Note: We'll discuss our example in terms of Contacts, but you can easily replicate the same steps to add Companies. Just start from the Company's main page and follow the same instructions. To open up the Companies tab, check "Do you work with other businesses?" in your account's Business Information in Account Settings.

To add contacts one at a time, click Add Contact from the Contacts main page and the Information Block will pop up, ready to be populated.

Click into the fields to add your contact's information. Scroll through the Custom Field Categories by clicking the down or side arrows.

To add Tags or a Company association, start typing for a quicker search of your previously added values. New Tags and Companies will get saved automatically once you save your contact or company record. 

Click Save to save your contact's information.

Note: Any Automations triggered by a field update will not be triggered when manually adding a new Contact and populating that field.

Note: Coming soon, a "Quick Add" feature in the Contacts/Companies dashboard will allow for in-line editing of all of the contact fields, straight from the dashboard.

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