Contacts and Companies can be added to Kizen:

  1. One at a time

  2. In bulk from a .csv file

  3. From a business card on the go (mobile-only)

Business Card Uploader

Regularly receive business cards? You have the ability to quickly convert business cards into contacts within your Kizen account. 

You can upload business cards on the go using Kizen's mobile site on your smartphone.

Step 1: Take a photo of the front and back (if applicable) of the business card on your smartphone. 

Step 2: From the Kizen mobile site, click Add Contact from the list of Quick Links.

Step 3: Click Upload Business Card.

Step 4: Click Choose File and select the image for the front of the business card (and the back if applicable) from your Photo Library, or you can take a photo from here.

Step 5: Add any tags if appropriate, separated by commas. Click into the Tag field and you'll see the list of stored tags to choose from. Start typing for a quicker search of your previously added tags. New tags will get saved automatically once you save your contact or company record. 

Step 6: Click Add Contact.

When you see the following screen, your card has been uploaded and will be processed within a few minutes.

Both contact and company records will be added if applicable.

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