Kizen Activities allow you to standardize data input through your team's daily operations.

Activities are built as internal forms that team members fill out to log specific information or actions they regularly take.

Using Activities allows your organization to:

  • Utilize Automations

  • Track engagement and sales cycles

  • Build out your database by inputting contacts and updating custom fields

  • Save time and energy by having a structured process in place to gather data

  • Notify team members of relevant information in real-time

Create your Activity Types based on the actions your company takes regularly. Activities could include a site visit, a sales call, a support call, or a training course. 

For each Activity Type, you can set the exact information you'd like team members to log and who will receive notification of that information. 

By default you already have the following Activities set up that you can use:

  • Note

  • Meeting

  • Outbound Call

  • Inbound Call

Step 1: To create new Activity types, click Platform from your Dashboard. 

Step 2: Click Activities from the drop-down menu. On the main Activity page, you'll see a list of your scheduled Activities. 

Step 3: Click Activity Types to see your list of types and to create a new one.

Step 4: Click Create Activity.

Step 5: Name your Activity, build out the fields that you'd like your Team Members to log, and select which users should be notified when an Activity is logged and which method(s) should be used for notification.

On your Activity, you can include basic contact information, custom contact fields, custom company fields, and other Activity-specific fields that you'd like to gather. 

Note: Custom fields included in your Activity will be updated automatically on the Contact or Company record upon submission of that Activity. Company custom fields will also be updated when submitting the Activity on an employee of that Company.

Activity-specific fields can be created from the following field types: 

  • Rating

  • Short Text

  • Long Text

  • Drop Down 

  • Number

  • Multiple Choice

  • Yes/No Question

  • File Uploader

  • Activity Date

  • Contacts (where you have the ability to link to other Contacts in Kizen)

To add a field, click Add Field

By default, all new Activities Types will have a dynamic Notes field added as the last field of the Activity. 

When logging an Activity, you can tag Team Members within this Notes field to ensure the right person is made aware of the right information. 

Click Save before leaving the Overview tab.

Step 6: Set up rules on the Rules tab to remove clutter. 

Rules are used to adjust what fields contact see, dependent on how they've answered previous questions. 

  • To set up a Rule, click [+] Add Rule. 

  • Set up your "When/Then" statements. You can add multiple "when" conditions for your rules by clicking the [+] sign and choosing whether you'd like to use AND logic, or OR logic. You can choose multiple results if your conditions are met by clicking the [+] sign. 

  • To add multiple rules, click [+] Add Rule. 

  • To delete a Rule, click the red X.

Once complete, click Save.

From here, begin scheduling and logging Activities.

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