Communicate with your leads, customers, and partners easier than ever before through Kizen. 

For Date-Specific Emails or Campaigns

Use: Broadcasts

Broadcasts allow you to schedule an email, text, or an automation to a specific Contact Group at a certain date and time.

Broadcasts are organized visually on a calendar so you can see all of your past and scheduled communication at a glance.

To learn how to schedule a Broadcast, click here.

For Quick, Plain Text, Personal Emails to an Individual

Use: The Action Block on the Contact Record

Using the Action Block to send email is exactly like using your personal inbox to send an email, with the ease and convenience of being able to send from Kizen. 

Email sent from the Action Block sends from your personal Gmail or Outlook integration. 

To learn how to send a quick email from the Action Block, click here

For One-Off Branded Emails

Use: The Perform Action Function on Contacts

Using the Perform Action function is best when you want to send a one-off email that includes design and more detailed tracking to a Contact or Contact Group.

When using the Perform Action function, you can send email from any one of your Team Members, access templates, use HTML elements, and access detailed stats. 

To learn more about sending one-off emails, click here.

For Action-Based Automated Emails

Use: Automations

Using Automations is best when you want to send emails based on a Contact's behavior. They allow you to "set and forget" your marketing, sales, and support emails based on a specific trigger. Add timing and conditionals to make sure the right people are always receiving appropriate, personalized communication. 

To learn more about Automations, click here

For Form- or Survey-Specific Emails

Use: Built-In Sequences

Whether you want to request a survey response or send an email immediately upon submission, use Kizen's built-in sequences under your Forms or Surveys. 

To learn more about built-in sequences, click here

To Access All Stats In One Place

Use: Library

The message library allows you to access all of your templates and email send stats in one place.

To learn more about your Message Library, click here.

To Set Up Your "Send From" Email Address

Emails sent from the Action Block send from your personal Gmail or Outlook integration. To send from the Action Block, make sure your integration is set up.

All other emails sent through Kizen can be sent from any one of your Team Members.

To add an option as a "send from" name and email address, you'll want to:

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