Body Settings allow you to set the background and text color, size, and font (for forms, surveys, and pages) of your overall design. 

Body Settings, especially the Background Color, can be viewed as the foundation of your design. The Background Color you set in your body settings will apply to the entire width and height of your design and will be "underneath" any other colors you set within your Sections, Rows, Columns, and Elements

For forms, surveys, and pages, the text settings will apply to all field labels and text, unless otherwise changed (applicable to the text block only).

To set the foundation of your design, click Body on the left menu to edit settings of the overall form, survey, page, or email. 

Choose the Background Color and Text Color by selecting from the drop-down menu, or by entering a specific hex code. Click Choose.

To set the Text Size, click the up and down arrows, or type in your font size. Choose your Font by selecting a font from the drop-down menu. 

Show Gridlines by clicking the checkbox to see the outlines of each Section, Row, Column, and Element on your page. This will help you visualize exactly what aspect of your design needs tweaking or editing. 

Sections will be outlined in blue, Rows and Columns in orange, and Elements in green. 

Device Preview lets you see what your design looks like on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. All designs built within the Kizen builder will be optimized for responsiveness. 

After setting your design's Body Settings, it's time to build your design using Sections, Rows, Columns, and Content Elements.

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